Six years hence I'm presented with an odd little dilemma...

Actually, not so much a dilemma as it is me having been a complete teenage idiot. I'm 22 now and I still feel like I'm sixteen and having not even the slightest clue of what I'm doing. Worst part is, my time spent as a sixteen year old was probably the worst, considering the people I offended without really realizing the implications of what I said. Go figure, huh?

It's weird to even look back on what's happened in the past few years. I did so many dumb things and wound up saying really stupid stuff to top it all off. It's oddly fresh in the back of my head, like a tick that refuses to get off your dog for whatever reason...

...But in general, I guess this is just me saying I'm alive. For anyone that still cares, at this point. I've been gone a long while, and I just know people have moved on, but I want to at least hear from you. Any sign at all.

...Holy shit, it's been way too long since I posted on this.

It's been...what, 9 months and a half since I last said something? Geez, I need to pay more attention to this thing. Oh well...

That said, for all of you who've been wondering where I've been, I've been kicking up dust as of late, and taking the time to make videos more often than not; I'm also awaiting the day that I get back into class, which is...a in a little less than two weeks. x_o' You're probably wondering why I'm not in class already; well, my vacation got extended a little too far because my last school was shut down, and I was forced to find a new one to replace it. I passed the entrance exam for said school, thankfully, so all is well until I actually hop aboard.

If anything...I kinda don't want to, and at the same time, I do. Probably what they mean when they say school's a necessary evil.

I've ALSO been digging through my old games, and I went through Raidou Kuzunoha II to boot, and finished it - my dangblasted PS2 broke down on me though, right when I was going through Makai Kingdom; I have to wait for it to be repaired...which could take until Christmas. >_> And I wanted to finish my True Demon Run of Nocturne too... ...Ah, well, I have other games to tide me over.

As the Gundam fanatic I used to be, I got some of the old PS1 games under that very name, like Gundam: Battle Assault 2. I even managed to find an old S-RPG that I played way back when I was young: Assault Suits Valken II.

If anything else, I play games like they're going out of style. It's the main way I have to take out all the stress I get every day.

...But enough about that; I'm probably going to start rambling about useless stuff now.
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And The End of the World was Nigh...Not.

Jokes like that REALLY need to be against the law.

OK, class's going along as usual, everyone's doing their usual crap, then the teacher springs something about an earthquake to come July 18 this year.


...Then minutes later she tells me it's a joke and says it'll happen in 37 fucking years.

...I have NEVER been more pissed in my life. Ugh.

Time to tally up some votes.

List of possible muses for me to try out ATM:
(More to come as I think up more muses to try out)

Gig (I have a feeling I might screw him up here and there since I haven't played Soul Nomad in a while, so |D;;;)
Sanada Akihiko (I figure I might not do him justice like Aki does, but I'm still willing to try playing him)
Iori Junpei (Hit or miss on this one. <_<;;;; Either I end up making him seem so srs bzns for someone so carefree or I nail the mark dead-on.)

...Haven't used this in a while.

Eh. Might as well put this up.

The Turn-Your-Muse's-Name-Into-An-Insult Meme

Simple: Turn the name of a muse you're using in an RP into something like this:

Ara-POCKY SHIT-jiro (Shinji-muse is going to have my head for that. |D;;;)

Ari-SUCKO Mina-HO (He's an S-Link ho. Why not?)

Lame, but hopefully amusing.
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In Which Takeshi Steals Mizutama's Post Starter And Nearly Comes Home With Broken Legs

...Seriously, what the hell.

To sum up my two-hour leave, now almost three-hour, the following happened from 4:00 PM to 6:25 PM:

4:00 - 4:30: Actually leave for destination. Try to get to bowling and billiards stuff and find that friend's membership for the sports club got dissolved.
4:30 - 6:25: Leave sports club, go eat, take what felt like a day-long walk through overpass, get into taxi, come home really exhausted.

...And yeah, my feet are STILL killing me.




For you cats trying to memorize a crapload of stuff.

Though this might not be much help, I hope you'll read my lame explanation.

Time I shared this memorizing technique with you guys. It's called "deep processing". To be blunt, it's an easier way to retain what you're trying to keep locked in your head, by grouping same-letter words in groups and the rest in a different group. Here's an example:

After reading these words for at least three minutes, write down what you remember without looking at it again:


Compare your list with the one above, and check off any of the words you happen to get.

Also, for you history lovers, try turning whatever you're trying to memorize into a short story as a cue, another way to recall things.

~Vengeful Moon~

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List 10 fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order)!

1. Yukari Takeba; Something about her just draws my attention to her a lot. I dunno exactly what, but whatever.

2. Athrun Zala; Hey, I'm a straight guy; I'm just a fan.

3. Kira Yamato; Same reason as above.

4. Rukia Kuchiki; She'd probably leave me with a body temperature that's less than 0 for kicking her out the window rather than out of bed. *shot*

5. Mitsuru Kirijo; Why would any man want to kick someone who has knowledge of the art of execution out of bed?

6. Shinjiro Aragaki; If I did kick him out, he'll crush me with either his mallet or Castor's foot.

7. Jin Shirato; Hey, I might not like the fact that he's part of Strega, but if he was normal and straight I wouldn't kick him out.

8. Chidori Yoshino; ...Yeah. I know. Junpei's going to kill me for this.

9. Fuuka Yamagishi; She's innocent; and I wouldn't want to get burnt rice ball in my mouth as punishment.

10. Shinn Asuka; Raging temperaments make it all the more likely that I'm going to get shot if I kick him.

...And that's it.

Dunno who to tag. I suppose anyone who reads this other than the ones who did it.
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